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For the first time this holiday, we can sleep a little late. We get up at around 7 hours and have breakfast. Unfortunately the weather does not cooperate. It's raining pretty hard. We drive to Saint Lucia Lakeview Point. We hope it will stop raining, but when we stand in the parking lot, it is still raining hard. We drive to the other side of Saint Lucia to Beach View Point, but the weather is not better. Finally, it gets lighter and the weather clears. We drive back to St Lucia Lake Viewpoint and walk on the path to the beach. Once we begin our walk, we hear the hippos making their special sound. Not long after we see a group of hippos in the water. The hippos are quite close and we are pleased standing on a raised deck.

We stay for a while to look at these animals and after a while we walk to the beach. Everywhere we look we see hippos walk. Fortunately, we see them quite often from a distance.
We walk back to the car and walk another round in the forest near the lake. We walk the walkway Igwalgwala. Due to the lack of signage, we run some lap several times and make the walk much longer than planned. In the meantime, the sun will shine and it is getting really nice.

We go to the parking for the boat trip we have planned. We arrive a little early at the parking. But the sailed is already there. The cruise is a boat trip of two hours on Lake St Lucia Estuary. We leave and go first to the Honeymoon Bend. Here we see a lot of hippos and crocodiles. A native of St. Lucia said that the lake is very high this year and we sail further than previous years. After a short time we sail in the opposite direction to the Narrows. We pass fossilized oyster banks and lagoons. We see a lot of birds and try to catch them in a picture.
After a while watching a hippopotamus family it's time to sail back to the pier. We sail back to the pier at sunset. We park our car back at the B & B and go out for dinner.

A boat trip is the perfect way to view the wetlands. You get the chance to hippos and crocodiles up close.

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