Skukuza Rest Camp - Kruger National Park - South Africa

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Skukuza is a large rest camp in the south of Kruger National Park in South Africa. We stayed in one of the cottages, a small round house with a private shower and a small kitchen. Skukuza has basically everything you need. There is a shop, a restaurant, a takeaway restaurant, gas station, and various other facilities.

We arrive around noon at the Orpen Gate of Kruger National Park. At the gate the ranger asks if we stay for just a day or if we are overnight visitors. We say that we will spend two nights sleeping in different rest camps in Kruger National Park and after verification, we have clearance to enter the gate.As we go through the Orpen Gate we enter the Kruger National Park. We will drive a long time through the national park to Skukuza. And soon we spot the first giraffes and elephants. The maximum speed in Kruger National Park is 50 km per hour, but soon we drive slower in order to spot more animals. In parts where the field is more open, we drive faster because we still have to drive a great distance.

Along the road there are cars standing still to get a better visibility on the animals. So when we see a car is stationary, we stand behind it to see which animal they spot. The idea is that you still stand on the side where you've spotted the animal, only many people seem to forget it when they see an animal.

We not only spotted animals but we are also amazed at the beautiful nature. Overgrown pieces are interspersed with large open spaces with trees, such as the baobab tree. Soon we stop for the first elephant. And in the distance we see a leopard, which lies under a tree. And a moment later we see more lions lying on the ground. There are a lot of cars along the road, therefore we decide to join. A group of lions have captured a giraffe. From the road it's good to see that the whole group tasty feast on the giraffe. Nature will take its course. We stop at a picnic spot to get out the car and for a late lunch. We are surrounded by colorful birds. Throughout South Africa we have seen so many beautiful birds. Then we drive, during spotting animals, to Skukuza rest camp.
At 4 pm we enter the gate of the rest-camp Skukuza. We check in and get pizza to eat at the porch of our cottage.

We were to Kruger National Park in the spring, out of season. On the main roads it was already pretty crowded at special places where animals are spotted. Sometimes you have to wait to drive away because everyone is blocking the road.

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