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Around noon we arrive at the Gomo Gomo Game Lodge. Soon we discover that we are a bit and lunch at half past 3. We get a warm welcome and because they have the impression that we aren't relaxed, Sandra gets a remark that there is a fine on not-relaxing. Of course, said with a very big wink. We take a cup of coffee and go sit on the waterfront. The Gomo Gomo Game Lodge has its own well, so there is always water in the lake.

Birds flying on and off and soon we look at the first animals. After an hour of watching animals, lunch is served. And after lunch we leave for the afternoon and evening game drive.
We both look forward to the game drive. There are six people in an open jeep. The ranger is driving and there is a spotter on the bonnet. The ranger asked what we want to see. Of course we answer almost in unison: The Big Five!
We leave and soon there is a voice over the radio indicating that two leopards are spotted. After a nice bumpy ride, we arrive at two leopards on a small hill down. The ranger told us that it concerns a brother and sister and they already live quite some time in this region. The two are still dependent on their mom, but also hunt themselves.

One of the two leopards is tired of the crowd leaves. Fortunately one of the two stays behind and lies still a long period of time. I have no idea how long our jeep stood there, but a leopard on a 15 meters much fun and really impressive. At one point the other cheetah thinks it is time to leave and we leave with the jeep.

The ranger told us that there is a group of lions in the area, but they haven't seen them for four days. So he wants to find the lions and asks if we too feel like it. Of course it seems nice to see a large group of lions. We finally find the lions on an unpaved road in an open area. The ranger told us that we do not have to worry. They have already eaten, seeing their full bellies. Because lions sleep 20 hours a day, these lions lay also quiet on the ground. Only the cubs are running around. After a while the lions decide to leave to go to a small water site for a drink. The ranger knows the small water well easily to find and again we are close to the large group of lions. Given lions never does something; it was rare to see the lion do something. We stare intently at the lions, when the ranger asked why we don't take pictures of an active lion. If the group has had enough to drink, they leave.

After a brief pause, we go back to the lions in the dark. The ranger explains some of the stars. The sky in South Africa looks very different compare to Europe!

At the end of the evening we return to the Lodge and get a three-course dinner. After dinner, we are all very tired and under the supervision of the ranger brought to our cottage. We get a radio with us for the night when there are problems.

In the morning we are woken at 5 am for a morning game drive. We get a cup of coffee and a small snack and steps back into the jeep. It is also for the ranger a bit of a search, but soon we see a large group of elephants. He told us that currently there are too many elephants in Kruger. There are about 17,500 elephants, but there is only room for a total of 7,000 Elephants. Elephants live on the bark of trees, but also the roots of young plants. Although elephants are very special to see, we understand the problem of nature. Everywhere we look we see trees and shrubs damaged. Kruger National Park is looking for a solution, but the problem is difficult to solve, getting no problem animal friends.

We have a long time to look at the elephant and each time we marvel at the size and how beautiful they are. Still, it's time to return to the game lodge for breakfast. After breakfast it is time for us to say goodbye and leave to the next rest camp in Kruger National Park.

If you ever want to spot the Big Five a private game park is the best place to do that. The ranger, who drives around in jeeps, may differ from existing roads. They may, without doing much damage to nature drive quite close to the animal. In Kruger National Park, the rangers only drive on existing roads and you see almost as much as you yourself drive through it. The ranger also knows a lot about animals and nature around him. We certainly have enjoyed our stay at Gomo Gomo Game Lodge very much.

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