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Today we get up early for another day driving through Kruger National Park. Near Skukuza, we have seen a rhino, but it was quite far away. We hope to spot another rhino today.

We decide to drive in the direction to Lower Sabie to spot some animals. Soon we're in the car to spot animals. And not long after we left we see the first buffalo herd. The buffalo graze quietly in the tall grass and we have a long look at these large animals.

As we drive we try to drive to a viewpoint. The road is unpaved and due to the drought the road is in bad shape, there is no water to restore the road in good condition. We bump our car 3 km over a washboard. Not nice, but at least at the viewpoint we see a very special bird, the Saddle-billed Stork. Later we read that the Saddle-billed Stork in Africa and particularly in South Africa is threatened with extinction. Of course, we see again a leopard. Some people spend over 20 years to see the first leopard, but we see several leopards in Kruger National Park driving three days through Kruger NP.

On the third day animal spotting is getting a bit boring. We're both not as sharp as the first day and we don't even stop for impala, warthogs of kudu along the road. We enjoy ourselves fine while driving and sometimes we pass by an animal which we have to stop for. Sure we have not seen all the animals but the animals we want to see are spotted.

The last 10 kilometers on the road towards Berg-en-Dal, we don't see a single animal. The animals that are common like Impalas, kudu, elephants and giraffes, are even gone. We are a bit annoyed, but spotting animals involves a bit of luck.

After checking in Berg-en-Dal we look at the boards where all animals are spotted are pointed out. On the 10 km we just drove, that day many different types of animals spotted. The rhinoceros is seen several times, but also the buffalo running around. We directly get in the car and drive back. We really want to spot the rhino a bit closer than near Skukuza.

We're just out of the gates and we see a herd of buffalo. Kudus, impalas and giraffes elephants are all back. And we even see a rhino up close. We take a look time to look at the rhino until he decides to disappear behind a hill. We drive a little further and get another rhino on the other side of the road. Then it is time to drive back to Berg-en-Dal rest camp.

The next morning we see the rhino again. He is still quiet and we wait patiently until he comes into sharper focus. After five minutes he comes right past our car and we start the car to give him space. It is an incredible expectance spotting a rhino up close.

Berg-en-Dal is one of 12 large residual camps in Kruger National Park. It lies in the south of the national park in South Africa. In the rest-camp is, just as Skukuza, all the shops and restaurants are there. We refuel at the gas station and go shopping at the supermarket. We get food from the snack bar and we settle on our porch and look back on a nice day in Kruger National Park in South Africa.

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