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The largest National Park in South Africa is Kruger National Park. Kruger National Park is located in the north east of South Africa, about 400 km from Johannesburg. Every year millions of people visit the popular Kruger National park.

The park was founded in 1926 by Piet Groblerm, UZA-minister van de Lande. Kruger National Park was the first national park founded in South Africa. Since the opening in 1926 the park has expanded to the biggest park and covers an area of about 20.000 km2. There are 12 big rest-camps where you are allowed to get out of your car.

It is possible to drive your own (rental) car in the park and find the wildlife. It is prohibiting exiting your car outside the specially designed areas. Also animals, especially the dung beetle, have the right of way. The speed limit in Kruger National Park is 50 km/h. But during spotting animals your speed will be a bit lower if you don't want to miss anything.

There are a couple of gates to enter Kruger National Park. These gates have opening hours. Only between these opening hours you are allowed to enter or exit the park. If you are too late to exit the park, you'll receive a large fine. The same goes for the rest-camps. So be sure you know the opening hours and arrive at the gates on time.

Besides the big five wildlife (buffalo, elephant, leopard, lion and rhinoceros) Kruger National Park has many other animals. We have seen kudus, impalas, giraffes, hippos, crocodiles, hyenas and many more animals. We also saw a great variety of birds in Kruger National Park.

Just east of Kruger National Park is, the private game park, Timbervati located. These smaller private parks have an open connection with Kruger National Park. This way the animals have a bigger living space. And the tourist is given the opportunity to enter the park with a game drive, getting up close the animals. We stayed in the private park Gomo Gomo Game Lodge, just outside Kruger National Park and did a Game Drive. We also stayed in Skukuza and Berg-en-Dal in the main part of Kruger National Park. Read our travelogues of our visit to Kruger national park, left in the menu.

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