Walking to the Blue Grotto - Monks Cowl - Drakensberg - South Africa

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We leave early in the morning from Underberg to the northern Drakensberg near Winterton. The first part of the ride, we suffer from fog. Later the weather clears the clouds disappear and fortunately for the sun arrives. We arrive in sunshine at Ardmore Guest Farm in the Champagne Valley near Winterton. We are a bit early to check in, but when we explain that we want to go for a walk it is no problem. We can put our luggage into the house and go on for the hike.
We have chosen a walk where it does not matter if there are clouds. We did not know whether the clouds would go away, so we walk Drakensberg Sun Hotel to Blue Grotto.

We park our car at the Drakensberg Sun hotel and walk to the reception. At the reception we are directed to another table where we register for the walk. We walk through the hotel to the start of the walk. In the garden of the hotel we can't find the walking path and an employee has been kind to us to show us the way. At the end of the hotel garden, the walk really begins. And soon we walk through the woods. Many trees have identification card what makes the walk fun.

The walk along the water is beautiful. Nature is very beautiful and we both enjoy this walk. It is in itself not a long walk, but it is a very nice walk. We cross the stream and walk on the other side, continue our walk towards Blue Grotto.

Once at Blue Grotto, we have a late lunch. We have the option of walking back along the top, but this path is on a dirt road without shelter. And the clouds are gone so we decide to take the same path through this beautiful valley back. Soon we are back at the hotel and walk through the hotel gardens. We write ourselves out at the desk and go back to our B & B.

This hike in the Drakensberg in South Africa we found very successful. We have both really enjoyed it. We were amazed at the beauty of the scenery of the Drakensberg.
You can extend the walk by Damm's Cascades, but for this you get a ticket at the hotel. The waterfall is in the Monk's Cowl Nature Reserve. We have walked the walk is completely outside the park.

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