Walking in Monks Cowl - Sphinx - Blind Man's Corner - Keartland's Pass - Drakensberg - South Africa

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Today we want go to Monk's Cowl for a walk through Monk's Cowl Nature Reserve. The parking lot is at the end of R 600. Some pieces of the road are very bad and we have a good look for potholes in the road.

We park our car at the Monk's Cowl KZNW office and fill in the form for the walk.
We start the hike with a climb of about 100 meters up. Fortunately, we walk a lot through the woods what makes the walk pleasant. Soon we see the Sphinx where we will walk to. The Sphinx is a great rock that is very popular for a short walk. At the Crystal Falls we take a break. Soon, a whole group of people arrive with a guide.

The quite rest is gone and we decide to walk further. We walk past the Sphinx and walk further up towards the Verkeykerskop and on to the Blind Man's Corner. The last part is fairly flat, but there are no resting areas in the shadow. Eventually we find some rocks where we enjoy the view. In Blindman's Corner we fall into conversation with two other hikers who walk the other way round as we do.

We go back and strike at the first intersection turn left down toward the Keartland's Pass. In South Africa they have a distinct way of constructing paths. Trees ensure that the path is not eroded. That in itself is not so strange, but at this path, there are too many trees. Also are not all at the same distance and the ground behind the tree stump eroded away. This creates for Sandra impossibly large steps. Nature is very beautiful, but the path is terrible. In a dry waterfall, we have a break. We have a still a long way to go and we hope that the tree stumps will be less.

The last part of the walk is quite up and down the tree trunks. Footpaths in South Africa are often the shortest route is not always the easiest route. Eventually, the stumps are gone and we are back at the car park.

The walk was definitely worth the effort. Although the path here and there is not fine, is nature at Monks Cowl beautiful.

Length: 12 km
Height difference: 700 m

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