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Drakensberg is a mountain range on the border of Lesotho and South Africa. The Drakensberg just are like the Wetlands of Saint Lucia on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Drakensberg is a paradise for hikers in South Africa. There are few dangerous animals in the area what make walking possible. There are leopards in the area, but these are rarely spotted by visitors.

The Drakensberg mountain range consists of several peaks. The highest peak is Thabana Ntlenyana (3482 m). Other known peaks are Mafadi (3250 m), Makoaneng (3416 m), Champagne Castle (3377 m), Giant's Castle (3315 m) and Ben Macdhui (3001 m).
The Drakensberg area is about 1000 km long and forms include a natural border between Lesotho and South Africa. North and south of the Drakensberg is the Drakensberg plateau.
The Drakensberg consists of basalt and sandstone. On the sandstone is a large basalt layer. Erosion caused steep mountain peaks to arise. In the caves in the sandstone layer you will find the San rock paintings.

Tourism is still developing in the Drakensberg, but there are many different walks in the area. To the south lies the famous national park the Garden Castle Nature Reserve where several paths are plotted.
The northern Drakensberg are more tourists than the southern Drakensberg. Giants Castle National Reserve, Monk's Cowl Reserve and National Cathedral Peak National Reserve are the best known parks in the Drakensberg in South Africa.

We have done several hikes in this beautiful piece of nature in South Africa. Look in the left menu for the travel of the walks.

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