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The next place we stay in South Africa is Cradock. We sleep in Die Tuishuise in Cradock. The property consists of a whole street (Market Street) of renovated Victorian houses. We get a big house for us together and take up residence in this beautiful home.

The weather is not quite nice. It rains almost all day and we discuss what we do. Situated near Cradock is Mountain Zebra National Park. We decide, despite the weather, to go to Mountain Zebra National Park. On the way we have suffered from torrential rain and we discuss whether we ride further. We ride the last stretch on a dirt road into the park. At the gate, we ask the ranger if the Mountain Zebra roads suitable for passenger cars. He assures us that we can drive well with a normal car in the park.

So we drive to the reception and pay the conservation levy. We get a map of the park roads in the park and see what we can drive before the gate closes. The ranger told us that the Kranskop Loop is a senic drive. Given the bad weather we decide to ride the Rooiplaat Loop. The Rooiplaat Loop is known as the Game drive loop. Around here are most all animals.

It has not stopped raining and most animals standing against the weather. We see several hartebeest, buffalo, blesbok and ostriches. The only thing we do not see Mountain Zebra is a zebra.

We drive the short Kranskoploop, over the Rooiplaat Loop, Link Road and the Urbejane Loop. After an afternoon in Mountain Zebra is the time to drive to the gate and leave the Mountain Zebra National Park.

Mountain Zebra NP is a nice park. Despite the bad weather we have a good impression of the park. Nature in the park is very beautiful. The gravel roads in the park are good to drive a regular car. Mountain Zebra National Park is wort a visit.

We agreed to eat at Die Tuishuise. And around 7 hours someone from the hotel picks us up to dine in the restaurant. We start talking to a Dutchman who has been coming in Cradock for quite some time. He tells us about the difference between rich and slum townships and how life is for the black population of South Africa. He also told about the projects which he started in Cradock. Together with the locals, he built a school, a daycare and a restaurant. He hires local people to do the job, get the necessary materials from the store in the township and ensures that a local will be the owner and administrator of the project. At the end of the conversation he asked if we are interested to a ride in a township with him. We, as tourists, will drive with a wide circle around the townships, so we are happy for the offer. After breakfast we leave in his car toward the township. Along the way he lets us see what projects he has realized and tells us all about the township. We discover that a township filled with Mandela houses are designated to the locals. If one has money, the owner can extend it. And it hits us that some people have made an entire villa and some still live in the original house.
He also points us to a building under construction for the Cradock Four. A turning point in the history of Cradock in South Africa.

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