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The last thing we do in Cape Town is walking on Table Mountain. We leave the hotel but are invited to come back in the afternoon to shower before we go to the airport. We have a night flight back to Amsterdam, so a shower before departure is very nice. This way we can walk the route we have planned.

Table Mountain in Cape Town is 1086 meters high and we don't want to climb up 600 meters. We walk the easier solution. We take the cable car up and arrive at the west side of Table Mountain in Cape Town.

We walk on the path to the top of the Plattekloof. Later we will decent through this gorge. First we walk to the actual highest point of Table Mountain in the east. We follow the path on the right and all the way we have nice views over the Cape and the south side of Cape Town. Once on the highest point, a group asks us if we want to take a picture of the group. They tell us they climb three mountains in one day. They climb Devil's Peak, Table Mountain and the Duivelskop in one day. The trip takes about 9 hours and they go quickly. We wish them good luck and goodbye. We walk back towards Plattekloof. This time we take the footpath on the north side of Table Mountain. Therefore we continuously have great views of Cape Town.

The descent goes through the Plattekloof gorge. This steep descending is very difficult to walk. The first part is still in the shade. But because of the steep character the path is laid out with stepping stones. One step is too big; the other step is too small. Also, the stones are smooth and we descend very slowly. We both hate the path, especially since the path is difficult to walk. We hope that the path flattens out and the stairs become less frequent. Unfortunately, the descent stays very steep, and the path is bad for your knees. After a difficult descent, we are finally down. We walk back to the lift station and get a drink. We drive back to our hotel and are pleased that we can use the shower. Then we drive to the airport. Our three week roundtrip holiday in South Africa is finished.

The walk on Table Mountain was great. You have amazing views over the surroundings of Cape Town. On top of Table Mountain, the path is fairly flat and easy to walk. The walk through the Plattekloof gorge we liked less. In our view it does not matter whether you go uphill or descend. It both cost a lot of energy and will take a long time. When the sun shines all day in the gorge, it can get very hot. Get enough food and drink for the road.

Length: 9 km
Height difference: 600 meter descending

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