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Today, a day on the peninsula, the Cape, is planned. We drive via Chapman's Peak Drive (M6) from Hout Bay towards Table Mountain National Park. Our first stop is at Boulders Beach in Simon's Town. At Boulders Beach lives a penguin colony for years now. We have never seen a penguin in the wild up close, so this is our chance.

In 1982, the African penguins stranded at Boulders Beach. Because the bay provided enough food for the penguins, they remain in this urban area and population is growing steadily. The penguins are now protected against the visitors, but also against himself. The Penguins went through Simon's Town and by gates they tried to keep the penguins inside the park. The area around Boulders Beach has become a nature reserve and is now part of Table Mountain National Park.

Boulders Beach is associated with the penguin colony, but the penguins are better viewed from Foxy Beach. Here is a deck pad from which lets you walk between the penguin colony.
In order to watch penguins you must pay approximately 40 Rand entry per person.

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