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Early in the morning we leave Pelgrim's Rest and drive in the direction of Kruger National Park. We want to drive the Mpumalanga Scenic Drive to have a look at the beautiful nature. The Mpumalanga Scenic Drive goes through the Blyde River Canyon Nature Reserve (Afrikaans: Blyderivierspoort)
The Blyde River Canyon is an 26 km long gorge, and is on the deepest point of about 800 m deep. The gorge is eroded by the river Blyde, which created beautiful rock formations.

From the town of Pelgrim's Rest we drive north on the R532. This road goes through the Blyde River Canyon and has several parking spaces with a nice view over the Canyon. Our first destination is God's Window and we turn on the R534 in the direction of God's Window. The employee in the hotel warned us that God's Window is almost never visible. And we aren't lucky. God's Window is surrounded by clouds and we drive further in the mist.

We drive on at the R532 towards the Potholes (Afrikaans: Kolkgate) near Bourke's Luck. We walk a small circular walk through the canyon and around the Potholes at Bourke's Luck. We don't need nice weather to see the Potholes. We can see the Potholes, the canyon and a waterfall clearly. And for the first time we see the beautiful nature of South Africa.

The last visit along the Blyde River Canyon is the Three Rondavels. Luckily the weather is clearing and we are able to see the Three Rondavels. Also the Blyde River Canyon can be seen beautifully from this parking. We enjoy the view and leave the Blyde River Canyon to drive towards Timbervati, a private park neat Kruger National Park.

The Blyde River Canyon is definitely worth a visit. We only had bad luck with the weather. There must be paid a small amount of money to enter the Potholes and the Three Rondavels.

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