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Early morning we leave Cradock and drive to Addo Elephant National Park. Addo Elephant National Park is one of the 20 national parks in South Africa. The park is popular with Dutch, German and English. Addo Elephant National Park was established in 1936 and has become an area of almost 1500 km2. The plan is expand Addo Elephant National Park to over 3600 km2. Addo Elephant National Park is one of the few parks that are really actively expanding. The park is located about 20 km from Paterson and 40 km away from Port Elizabeth.

The park has several areas where different activities can be done. The Darlington section includes many 4x4 tracks and you can fish on the Darlington Dam. In the subsequent section Kabouga canoeing possible, but you can also take your SUV on the road. The Zuurberg section is the only section where you can hike and do horseback riding. In the Woody Cape section you can see whales, dolphins and sharks.

However, most visitors visit Addo Main Camp section. Here are all the big game such as elephants, rhinos, hyenas, zebras and leopards. Giraffes do not live in Addo Elephant National Park.

We have about one day to spend in Addo Elephant National Park. So once we arrive at the park we walk to the reception. Our house is not ready yet, so we go straight to the Game Area. The maximum speed in the park is 40km/h and it is again hard enough. A small portion of the park has paved roads. The rest of the roads are gravel roads, but very well to drive with a normal car. We drive around all roads in the park and see different animals. We see elephants, buffalos, zebras, impalas, birds and of course the warthog. We also see a, for us, new small animal. In all the parks we have seen signs posted that these animals have the right of way. Before Addo Elephant National Park, we had not seen them in real life. Our first Dung beetle was a big surprise. We are very pleased to see this rare creature. But we get the impression that the dung beetle is present in large numbers Addo Elephant National Park. We stop frequently to let the dung beetle cross the road. Also the centipede gets its right of way.

We make sure we are at the gate before closing time and eat at the restaurant of the Addo Main Camp.

The next day we set off early again and drive to the south Addo Elephant National Park. We see a few animals, but we don't spot the the rhino. We drive to the Matyholweni gate and out of the park and drive to the N2, on to Tsitsikamma National Park

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