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After arriving at Ribeira de Janela we have trouble finding the parking area. But, after finally finding it we are greeted by hortensias and agapanthuses. The levada we are following is one of the larger ones on Madeira.

There is a good trail, but sometimes we have to walk on the concrete edge of the levada. Although I have little problems with heights, it was difficult in some sections. The levada is 3-4 meters lower on the right side and the mountainside goes down for 300-400 meters. That, without a fence is pretty exciting. We quickly continue towards the first tunnel and wonder if they couldn't have made it a little bit higher. With a flashlight on our heads we cross the tunnel and arrive at a waterfall.

This levada has a couple of long tunnels you have to go through to get to the beautiful areas. Don't get discouraged by the dark, cool tunnels, because the views are worth it. After we arrive at the waterfall, we head back along the levada to our car. On the trail we see different lizards and a lot of hortensias and agapanthuses.

It's well worth the effort to do this hike along the Ribeira da Janela if you're on Madeira. If you have a fear of heights, I can't recommend this hike. Some sections are so steep, it's scary. All in all a great hike with lot's of green and different lizards.

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