Walk at Rabaçal and Levada das 25 fontes - Walking on Madeira

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The walk at Rabaçal starts of with a good start. The last section of the road is closed for motorized traffic. That means you have to walk the last bit. We descend on a tarmac road and arrive in Rabaçal. From here we walk the trail of the 25 fontes, or 25 springs in English. We climb down some stairs and continue besides the levada. We notice this is a fairly touristical area and there are a lot of people.

The levada we follow is very beautiful! In some sections it's much higher then the walking trail. Quickly cooling your head is very easy then. The levada is perfectly suited for taking great pictures. Because this walk is so popular, there are large sections where wooden boarding has been laid besides the levada. In a few section the walking trail isn't very wide, so we have to wait for people coming the other way. At the end of the levada are the 25 fontes. 25 waterfalls come together, which feed the levada. A spectacular sight! It's worth it to make the descent. After we eat our lunch, we head back towards Rabaçal. The only bad part of this walk is you have to go up the tarmac road... in the burning sun!

Once back at the top we cross the road and walk alongside the levada, but in the burning sun that's not such a good idea. Although the view of the south coast is beautiful, it doesn't look like it's going to change much. We decide to go back to our car.

Rabaçal on Madeira is well worth the effort to go to. Although fear of heights are not a good idea.

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