Hike at Queimadas and Caldeirão Verde - Walking on Madeira

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The hike from Queimadas to Caldeirão Verde is a fairly well know hike on Madeira. It is a walk alongside the levada where you walk pleasantly in the forest. In some sections the trail isn't very good. And the wooden fence isn't very convincing either. We happily continue the hike and enjoy the vegetation near the levada.

After a short tunnel we reach the beginning of the levada. A beautiful waterfall emerges. The water is clear and cools our heads. We take the same route back. Because it is later in the day, the water in the levada has risen leaving us no other option then to walk through the levada. After a lovely hike we arrive back at our car.

This hike is highly recommended if you're going to Madeira. Some section are very narrow and very steep though! But the views are spectacular!

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