Hike at Folhadal, Levada do Norte and Levada das Rabaças - Walking on Madeira

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For this hike we park at the Encumeada pass. From here you have a great view of the north side of Madeira. For thirsty hikers there also is a restaurant here. But we go down some steels stairs, to the start of the hike.
From the restaurant you follow the sign 'Folhadal'. The hiking trail to the Levada do Norte, which we will follow for a while, can be easily found from here. We walk past a house with lot's of flowers, but beside the first section of the levada are also lot's of flowers and plants.
At the junction in the levada we take the one to the right, along the Levada do Norte. We enter a long tunnel and end up in a green valley. We arrived at the laurel forest. Lot's of ferns and orchids are alongside the green hiking trail. The autumn blooming Lily-of-the-Valley trees besides the hiking trail are also very special. At the view of São Vicente we stop for lunch. Afterwards we continue our way through the 2nd tunnel. After walking a while we turn around and take the same route back.

At the junction we nog turn right along the Levada das Rabaças. We reach another tunnel and go through it. We enter an open valley from which the levada has been carved. On this steep slope there is just enough room to walk. Certainly not suitable for people with a fear of heights or balance problems. When we arrive at a long tunnel of about 2 kilometers we decide to go back to the Encumeada pass.

Distance: approximately 8.5 km
Time: approximately 3 hours

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