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The last hike we did this holiday on Madeira. This walk is more beautiful later in the season. The flowers along the levada weren't in bloom yet. The levada is called Levada de Cima and is one of the older levadas on the island. This is mostly noticed by the construction. Most newer levadas are made of concrete, while this one has a natural wall in sections.

The hike starts in the village of Boaventura. The first section goes steeply up some stairs.
Once you have found the trail and have reached the height of the levada, the hike goes on descending slightly. When you reach the top, you can follow the levada directly on the left, but you can go right for a bit. There you reach a nice waterfall. You continue the hike following the levada. Along the way you go through a bit of forest and you have some great views. When you are back down again, you follow the tarmac road back to Boaventura.

There is another hike from Boaventura, but we didn't go there.

This hike wasn't the most beautiful on the island. But that might have been because not many flowers where in bloom. And the trail is not very well marked, which may loose you time when looking for the right track. If you have time to spare on Madeira, I would recommend it.

Hike details
The distance is 9.5 km, 3 hours.
Height difference: about 170 m. ascending/descending.
Necessities: hiking boots, sun protection, food and water

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