Walking in Luxembourg - Walking through the Wolfsschlucht and Echternach

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For a short walk during our hiking weekend in Luxembourg we park our car in a parking lot on the 364 between Echternach and Vianden. We want to walk today through Wolfsschlucht. The name Wolfsschlucht comes from its history. In former times the wolves found the Wolfsschlucht an ideal refuge in times of chaos and danger. The locals chased the wolves to the Wolfsschlucht where they were slaughterd. Today there are several hiking trails through the Wolfsschlucht in the surrounding of Echternach in Luxembourg.

After we have parked the car we cross the bridge and walk in the direction of the Wolfsschlucht. Through the woods we walk along the large sandstone rocks towards Echternach. The trail includes a large number of long stairs. We wanted to walk this part of the walk before during a walk around Beaufort, but we're glad we didn’t. The walk from the parking lot to the Wolfsschlucht is only 1.5 km, the trail is not quite flat and it takes more time than estimated to arrive there.

That the walk is very popular, hence the many walkers we encounter during the hike. We meet large groups of hikers with guides, but also long distance hikers and day trips hikers. Just before the Wolfsschlucht we arrive at a viewpoint, but it is very the crowds so we decide to walk further. And before we realize we are in the Wolfsschlucht. After all the hikes we have done in Luxembourg the walk through Wolfsschlucht is not the most spectactular one. Only the story behind it makes it interesting to walk through it.

We leave the Wolfsschlucht behind us and walk towards to Echternach. Here we decide to walk a small curcular walk through Echternach in Luxembourg. We walk across the square and past the church. Then it's time to walk back to the car again. We walk along the Sure, the border between Luxembourg and Germany. Sure we want to walk along the bank further, but the trail is flooded by high water. There is no other option than to walk further along the road. Parallel to the 364 we walk along a nice creek up. And through this beautiful forest we soon returned to the parking lot on the 364 between Echternach and Vianden in Luxembourg.

This popular short hike is a nice varied hike. The walk can be expand or combine with other walks to all directions. The Wolfsschlucht is one of the popular attractions of Luxembourg. Echternach is a beautiful village with lovely old buildings. In Echternach are several cafes and restaurants for a nice break during the hike.

Length: 7 km
Height difference: 200 m

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