Walking in Luxembourg - Walking to the Schiessentümpel near Müllerthal

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The most photographed bridge in Luxembourg is the Schiessentümpel in Müllerthal. The day before we walked a different route than planned, so we haven’t walking along the Schiessentümpel in Luxembourg. Today we drive to Müllerthal and walk a short walk up to the Schiessentümpel.
We park our car at the large parking area near the beginning of the walk. We walk towards the campsite and wonder where the Schiessentümpel actually located. We cross a stream and turn left towards the Schiessentümpel. The hiking trail is elevated above forest because the campground is not open for hikers.

After a short walk through the forest in the Müllerthal in Luxembourg we descend to the Black Ernz and walk further along the water. We cross the Ernz Noire and have a walk a small part along the the main road. And then there it is; the Schiessentümpel, the most photographed bridge in Luxembourg. Since the Schiessentümpel is so touristic many tourists are admiring the bridge at the same time. We cross the lovely bridge and take the stairs down. On a large stone, we have a nice view of the waterfall underneath and the Schiessentümpel itself.

After a short break we walk a different trail back. We walk the stairs back up and turn right and take the highest hiking trail back to the parking. The hiking trail is not difficult and you’ll find to a nice viewpoint over Müllerthal in Luxembourg. Soon we are back at the car park where we decide what we else want to see in Luxembourg.

Length: 2.5 km
Height: 60 meters

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