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We drive after beeakfast from Berdorf in the direction Larochette for a long walk of about 20 km. This walk is one of the additional routes of Müller Trail in Luxembourg. Early in the morning we arrive in Larochette and park our car on a very large parking lot. We have the idea that half the village is car park in summertime when there are many hikers and tourists for Chateau Larochette.

We put on our walking shoes and follow the signs to the Müller Trail. First, we must of course walk over stairs uphill. And the stairs are ofcourse long and steep, not a good impression of a start of the walk. But once we walk on forest roads on top we have a pretty flat trail through the beautiful woods around Larochette. In these forests we also see different forestry activities.

Fortunately, this road is relatively flat and is not ruined by the foresters.
We arrive at a castle and end our hike over the forest trail and walk over an asphalt road further. This part of the hike is rising steadily on a straight asphalt road. Not exactly the most inspiring part of the walk, but after a short while we walk into the woods again. In this forest, we see several hunting cabins and seen the vegetation the wild will certainly be here. The forest is here and there a little soggy, but the nature makes it all worthwhile. At the end of the forest we descend to the village of Nommern. The small village offers little; there is hardly any street life. In summertime it will be better we think, since this weekend it is freezing cold and it is Easter. So we leave the village and walk through the meadows further back up. On a bench a little bit out of the wind we take a break, but it is too cold to sit for long. So we walk in the hope that we walk past the highest point and out of the the wind.

We walk in the direction of Medernach that is approximately 5 km from Nommern. We walk through the woods and open fields and arrive in in the village Medernach. Here we have the choice to continue the Müller Trail and walk back along the top or take the hiking trail alng the benks of the river back to Larochette. Given the cold and snowfall we decide to take the lower hiking trail back to Larochette. The hikinr trail along the water is paved, flat and very touristy. We meet several hikers making a Sunday walk along the water. After a long walk we're back to our car and we drive to our hotel in Berdorf.

This walk in Larochette is varied and has easy hikin trails compare to other hiking trails in Luxembourg. There are height differences, but most are fairly short. There are two steep climbs of about 100 m. Along the way you'll pass a few villages, with a few restaurants. It is wise to take enough food and drink yourself for the hike. We have both, despite the cold and snow, enjoyed this walk in Larochette in Luxembourg.

Length: 20 km
Height difference: about 350 m

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