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After a year we are back in the Müllerthal for a circular walk through the gorges of the Müllerthal. We park our car in the parking lot next to the restaurant at the information center. We walk along the road, cross the Black Ernz or in German the Schwaarz Ienrz and turn left. We follow the road a little further and then we take the path towards the sandstone rocks. Over a very nice and beautiful path we walk through the valleys.

The first part we walked also a year ago when we were at Fred Welter Trail. The path through the forest in Müllerthal is very nice to walk on. Small height differences and the alternate path makes it very varied. We walk through small canyons, over big stones and we regularly encounter steep stairs.
At a large car park we cross the CR 118 and start a new path for us. Also this trail is beautiful, fun and varied. The rocks and nature around the hiking trail are beautiful. We walk parallel along the CR 118 back towards the Schiessentümpel. The second part of the hike through the Müllerthal is slightly flatter than the first part. Nevertheless, it certainly does change the beauty of nature. We descend to the CR 118 and cross it and walk in the direction of the CR 121. At the CR 121 is also the Schiessentümpel located.

Luckily it is Easter and it's also pretty cold, so there are few tourists at the Schiessentümpel in Müllerthal in Luxembourg. After a short stop we walk along the banks of the Schwaarz Ienrz back to the car.

This very nice walk is not very difficult. Although there are a number of steep climbs in it, but these are generally not very long. The path is varied along the beautiful cliffs of the Müllerthal in Luxembourg. Along you will find several benches but there is no eatery. In winter, stairs and rocks are quite slippery. Wear for this hike for at least good hiking boots.

Length: 9 km
Height difference: In total about 200 m

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