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The owner of the hotel asks us where we want to walk today. We tell her we want to walk through the Müllerthal. They propose us to hike the Fred Welter Trail instead. She finds this walk one of the finest walks in the surrounding of Beaufort in Luxembourg. The trail is well marked with a yellow cross with a blue background. To be sure, we get a topographical map to take along and we decide to walk the Fred Welter Trail.

We start this walk from the hotel and walk through Beaufort to the beginning of the Fred Welter Trail. We follow the road until just outside the village where we turn right. Here is a large billboard with an overview of the Fred Welter Trail.

Soon we descend through the woods down to the Müllerthal. Here we walk along great sandstone cliffs in the Müllerthal. The areas surrounding the hiking trail are incredibly beautiful. The rocks are beautiful and it's very nice to walk around them. We are both impressed by the nature of 'Little Switzerland' in Luxembourg. The hiking trail has many stair and is really not easy to walk on. We descend near Müllerthal where we turn left to walk uphill. We walk in the direction of Consdorf.

The weather is nicer than they had predicted, and soon it is already warm and sunny. We walk along the rocks where the trail goes up and down. It is a beautiful walk but by walking the trail on the Fred Welter Trail is doesn’t go fast. Also, we face two canyons which we must pass. We only fit sideways through without backpack. So with a backpack in one hand and had a flashlight in the other hand we squeeze through the canyons. The second canyon, the long one, we have bad luck and we meet oncoming traffic. At a slightly wider piece, there is just enough room to pass each other.

Over the hiking trail we walk towards Consdorf in Luxembourg. We walk a wide circle around to Consdorf towards the direction of Scheidgen. The nature around the Fred Welter path is incredibly beautiful. We walk along several nice streams and along the cliffs, but real progress is not there. It is clear that the uneven nature of this walk clearly descreses your walking speed. Fortunately there are very many benches along the walk where we occasionally take a little break. After Scheidgen the hiking trail gets easier path passable. And we cut a small piece of the Fred Welter Traill off and take the trail along the creek instead of trail along the cliff. We leave the beautiful forests and rocks and walk to Kalkesbaach. From Kalkesbaach we walk through the woods and on an asphalt road back to Beaufort.

The Fred Welter Path to Berdorf in Luxembourg is a very nice long walk. Only the trails along the clifs are slowing down. And you’ll have to take enough time to walk the Fred Welter Trail near Berdorf. We both enjoyed this very tiring walk. During this walk we did not encounter an oppertunaty to buy food or drinks, so take enough yourself. Also a necessary tool is a flashlight during this hike. The walk is not recommended for people who hate to stairs along the hiking trail.

Length: 25 km
Height difference: 500 m

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