Walking in Luxembourg - Walking around Berdorf via Bald Kapp and Aeschbach

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The first hike of our hiking weekend in Luxembourg we walk a circular walk at Beaufort, near Echternach. Early in the morning we parked our car in front of the hotel we booked. We ask inside if we can check later and leave our car at the parking. If all is settled, it's time to put on our walking shoes and begin the first walk in Little Switzerland in Luxembourg.

We walk through the forest at Berdorf direction towards the Bald Kapp. Walking along a nice stream we see the first sandstone rock formations of Luxembourg. We walk through the beautiful nature between the rock formations to the other side of this valley. Soon we arrive at the first cave. We try to walk through it, but with our backpacks is a challenge and we decide to walk back.

The trail is a challenge during this walk. We walk up and down, over steps and rocks. Anyone who expects an easy hiking trail is wrong. About the challenging path we walk towards the Bald Kapp at Beaufort in Luxembourg. After a while we arrive at a very nice viewpoint over Luxembourg near Echternach. An overhanging rock has been modified as viewpoint. We continue our walk on a trail and are pleased that this part of the hike is easier to walk over. We do not even pay attention to all the rocks and can have a look around. We walk out of the woods and walk a part on an asphalt road along the forest further.

We turn left and walk into the forest again. We are heading to the next beautiful part of the walk. We walk through beautiful countryside in the direction of Echternach. The beautiful scenery makes this circular walk great fun. We climb up to Geierslay where we have an amazing view of Echternach in Luxembourg. We walk on another hiking trail down to a nice stream. Through the woods we walk along the creek and eventually cross it over a nice bridge. Parallel to the main road we walk towards a car park. From this park we can go to the Wolfsschlucht but we decide not to do that today. We still have to walk a few kilometers and the weather starts to turn.

We walk to the car park turn right and walk along the Aeschbach. The Aeschbach is one of the popular hiking trails near Echternach in Luxembourg. The nature around the Aeschbach is beautiful to walk through. Slowly the first rain drops fall down and starts raining even a little harder. We have noticed that al the benches in Luxembourg, where possible, built under rocks. Therefor we can have a break without been hit by rain. We walk along the Aeschbach to Hohllay. From this rock are quarried millstones have been carved out for years which is clearly visible in the cave. We continue our walk up and pass an outdoor theater. The walk back to Berdorf goes between the open fields. And since it is been raining hard, we grab our umbrellas and continue our way. Soon we are back in Beaufort and walk to our hotel.

The walk around Berdof in Luxembourg is a varied walk. Parts of the trail are not easy to walk. Stairs and rocks make the hike several times a bit thought. Take enough time for this hike around Berdorf. The walk is varied and certainly not boring. The scenery is incredibly beautiful. Along the way we have, unlike in Beaufort, no eating or drinking places encountered. Bring enough food and drink for this hike.

Length: 15 km
Height difference: 300 meters

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