Walking in Luxembourg - Circular walk from Chateu Beaufort

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The last hike during this hiking weekend in Luxembourg is around Beaufort. We park our car at the Chateau Beaufort and given the time it is still very quiet at the parking lot. We put on our hiking boots on and look at the information to find out which route we going to hike. We take the hiking trail along the large pond of the Chateau Beaufort and hike through a very beautiful valley. The trail is very nice to walk and nature is truly magnificent. The first part will take a little longer than the kilometers really are. But hiking during this beautiful valley we regularly stop and look around us. We see a number of fishermen who come to fish in this beautiful stream only have we not seen a single fish in the water.

We descend through the gorge about 100 meters down and now we have to climb over a steep hiking trail up again. A well, luckily they have not heard of stairs this first part of the hike. Through a few hairpin bends we leave this beautiful gorge and cross the CR 384. At this parking is also a nice covered bank. This parking lot is an ideal place to get a short break and have a look at the information board. After a short break we have to climb up a little steep staircase to the highest point of the walk. Through a beautiful forest path we walk with occasional very nice views of the surroundings in Luxembourg. We can continue to walk along the top of the beautiful forest but we take a small d-tour to view a few beautiful sandstones formations. This means a small descent and a small climb up again. It's definitely worth to take this small d-tour.

After a short climb we arrived back on the hiking trail on the top of the hill. We walk close to a steep rock face and above all beautiful rocks instead of underneath the rocks. Yet this path is also certainly very beautiful and fun to walk over. Along the way we find a sheltered bench. Of course it is still winter and the wind is blowing pretty hard. So a bench out of the wind is definitely appreciated. We cross the CR 384 again and walk toward Beaufort. We walk through the village Beeforterheed and take a little detour on the L 5 through a lovely valley. This little hike is very nice but unfortunately the foresters have destroyed the trail on several parts. Nature wise it is very beautiful but the trail is soggy and destroyed by tractors and trucks.

On the other side of the small stream we walk back to Beaufort. We walk along the water almost until the Chateau Beaufort. They do not want you hikint on the meadow along the castle, so there is a necessary small climb up leading to the paved road. Along the main road we walk back to the car park at the Chateau Beaufort. Our second weekend hiking in Luxembourg is over, we have to go back home.

This is one of the most varied walks we walked in Luxembourg. The hiking trails varies through rocks, gorges and forests. This was a very enjoyable walk around Beaufort. The walk is not very heavy and small climbs are interspersed with long stretches of flat trails. Along the way we encountered little restaurants, so bring enough food and drinks yourself.

Length: 14 km
Height difference: In total about 300 m

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