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The last short walk of our hiking day in Luxembourg is located near Beaufort in Luxembourg. We park our car in the crowded parking lot at Chateau Beaufort, just outside Beaufort in Luxembourg. It is so crowded that we have wait for someone else who drives off, before we can park our car. But in the end we have a parking space.

We walk along a large pond where we, looking back, have a beautiful view at the Chateau Beaufort. Soon the asphalt road turns into a gravel road and the first looming rock formations are starting to show along this walk. We pass an information board with a nature walkway, which we want to follow. This nature walkway seems fun to follow. We start walking on the hiking trail along the Haupeschbaach at Beaufort in Luxembourg. The trail is fun to hike on and nature is very beautiful. We walk over bridges and on a nice trail and not long after we reach the junction where the footpath turns off and goes back to Beaufort in Luxembourg.

We decide to follow the Haupeschbaach a bit further and start to look to a bench with a nice view. We continue to follow the trail along the water. We do both agree that Luxembourg is a beautiful walking country. We find a nice bench along the waterside, but unfortunately it is taken. So we walk a bit further and find to a bench overlooking the Haupeschbaach. We take a long break before we walk back through the valley to Chateau Beaufort.

On the way back we miss the exit of the nature hiking trail. So we end up hiking along the same path back along the Haupeschbaach to Chateau Beaufort in Luxembourg. But it isn’t really so back as you might think, the hiking trail is nice to walk over and the nature is magnificent. After a nice short walk we are back at our car at Chateau Beaufort in Beaufort, Luxembourg. This was a very nice short walk in Little Switzerland.

Length: about 6 km
Height difference: 100 m

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