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On Christmas Day London was pretty much deserted. No subways, trains or busses were driving. Even most of the restaurants and bars were closed. That's why we took a nice long walk in Hyde Park on Christmas Day the centre and Regents park. The parks are all very big and all belong to the Royal Parks. In Hyde Park is one of the castles of the royal family. We visited but it wasn't worth the effort of taking pictures. There is also a momument to the prince regent Albert. This large statue shows he was loved very much by his wife, Queen Victoria. It's quite a sight.

Hyde Park is divede in two by the Serpentine and is 350 acres large. Surrounding the park is the wide straight gravelled carriage track Rotten Row. At the corner of the park (but outside the park)is the Speaker's Corner. In 1851 the Great Exhibition took place in Hyde Park, for which the Crystal Palace was constructed. As opposed to Kensington Gardens, which closes at dusk, Hyde Park stays open around the year from five in the morning until midnight.

Hyde Park is perfectly suited to get away from busy London with a nice walk.

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