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Venice is a city built in the sea, surrounded by it's Laguna. In the city centre the famous canals act as roads. The entire city is made up of smaller and some bigger islands. Burano, known for it's lace, Murano knwon for it's glass and Lido, the only islands where cars are driving. But ofcourse Venice itself is known for the beautiful masks the wear during carnaval. The transportation in the city and to the islands is by boot.

The hussle of little alleys make walking through Venice not easy. Before you know is you end up in a dead end street or on a dock in the water. A good map is advisable. During the years the sea level rose. This can be seen throughout the city. The waterlines are clearly visible on the houses.

Venice is very turistical, also because of it's San Marco square in the southern part of the city. If you stand in the center of the square you feel realy small. I didn't expect it to be this big. For 1 euro you can buy food for the pigeons living there by the thousands.

On every corner they sell trips on the gondolas for couples visiting Venice. It's fairly expensive, but then you spend half and hour in a gondola with musical support.

During one of the walks we walked past a church where a concert of Vivaldi was being performed. We decided to buy tickets to enjoy a lovely concert that evening. The last day we went by boat to Burano and Murano so see the glass and lace making up close.

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