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We arrived at the airport of Pisa in Tuscany where a friend picked us up. He would bring us to the hotel and give us a tour of Pisa during the evening. Dinner consisted of a meter of pizza. In the Netherlands we are used to the round variant, so it was a nice change.

The next day we went to the leaning tower of Pisa. And yes, it's actually leaning very much. The tower isn't open to the public, because there is still a danger of collapse. They anchored the tower with steel cables below the ground to keep it in place longer.

The leaning tower of Pisa is the tower of the Duomo di Pisa.. Construction started in 1173 and the tower is 55,86 meters tall and weighs more than 14.000 tons. The tower leans at an agle of almost 4 degrees, putting the top of the tower 3,9 meters from where it is supposed to be. On januari 7th 1990 the tower was closed for the public, because it became to dangerous. On december 15th 2001, after more than 10 years of renovations, the tower was opened again. During the last renovations the foundations were strengthened and the tower was straightened 44 centimeters.

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