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Today we drive from Hvammstangi to Reykjavík. During our vacation the Kjölur opened. It sounds like a good idea to us to take this road through the highlands. Because this F35 means 120 kilometers of gravel, we leave early in the morning towards the 724. It's still very cloudy and we doubt about if we should take the ring towards Reykjavík. Eventually we decide to drive over the Kjölur anyway. The first section until the lake Blöndulón is a good road. After that the road becomes a real 'F' road and driving 80 kph is over. With a maximum speed of 40 kph we avoid the big rocks, we keep 4 eyes on the road and try to find our way through the highlands. Some sections can only be driven slowly in first gear ('walking pace'). That there is a road doesn't mean it can be driven comfortably. Because we left early, we don't see much other traffic. Now and again that only just as well, all eyes on the road that sometimes is only one car wide. During the drive to the top the weather cleared. We have great views of the Langjökull and the Hofsjökull. When we arrive at Kjölur we stop a bit longer to enjoy the view. A iron disk clears any doubts about which mountains and glaciers you see. We drive on towards the lake Hvitárvatn. Here we stop at a cabin and have view of a glacier coming from the Langjökull, the Báfell and the Kerlingarfjöll. From the lake the road goes downhill again. Slowly, the roads becomes better and we arrive on tarmac again.
There are different roads from the F35 to viewpoints and glaciers, but most of these roads have river crossing. Because there was little traffic and we didn't have any experience crossing rivers by car, we didn't take any of these side roads.
This road is not suited for small cars or cars without four wheel drive. Some driving skills are required. This road cannot be compared to the road to Dettifoss for example.

When we are back on tarmac, we follow the 35 towards Selfoss. We go past Gullfoss, Geysir, Kerið and other places we have already visited at the beginning of this vacation. Near Selfoss we head towards Reykjavík and drive to our hotel. We return the car to the rental agency and have dinner in Reykjavík. This night we go to bed early, because we leave for the airport at 5 o'clock to go back home.
The end of a very impressive, but exhausting vacation is in sight.

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