Hiking at Skútustaðir, Höfði and Kálfaströnd - Mývatn - Iceland

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In the region of Mývatn there are several nice short walks.


The walk around the Pseudocraters at Skútustaðir.

The pseuocraters are created in volcanic areas. the crates look like regular craters, but they are not an actual vent from which lava erupted. Because hot lava overflows swamp ground, the water below this lava is heated. Because the vapor has nowhere to go it forces it's way through the cooled lava. This creates pseudocraters. We went on a long hike through the area. The first section goes through the peudocrater area. You can go up to almost every crater and it gives a nice view of the lake. The second part of the walk follows the coast of the lake. This lake has clear water and a lot of Arctic Terns that dive in to get fish from the water. When you reach the old road you have the option to follow the shore of Mývatn. You can decide the distance for yourself, because you take the same road back.
Tip: Take a fly net for your head.


Höfdi is a nice short walk through the forest. The trail leads to surprising viewpoints and a well maintained little garden. The trail isn't very long, but for bird watchers an excellent place to spot birds.


On the other side of the water from Höfdi is a trail on the peninsula Kálfaströnd. A fun short walk with lots of plants. The trail goes through an open field and along the water. In the evening it's quiet and you can enjoy the peace and silence.

Viewpoint Mývatn

From the swimming pool of Reykjahlíð we walk on a marked trail towards Krafla. The trail is easy and marked with white posts. At the viewpoint there's a large pile of rocks. This is the sign that you've arrived. You have great views of Mývatn, Reykjahlíð, Hverfjall and Vindbelgjarfjall. The hike to the top takes about half an hour.

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