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A Belgian guide tells us there's a nice hike at Skógafoss. The distance we have to travel is not very far. We decide to head back and hike at Skógafoss. With clear skies the waterfall looks very different.
Up long stairs (382? steps) we start our ascent. Once at the top we climb over stairs to the other side of the fence. Because we left early there are few other hikers and it's quiet on the trail. Gently ascending we hike on. Sometimes a little bit down to cross a small stream, but all in all the trail is fairly flat. We do notice that are tricky holes in the ground now and then, which could lead to a nasty fall.
During the hike we see several waterfalls, some bigger than others. Through an unbelievably green landscape we walk towards the of the valley. At a crossing we take the lower trail. Around the corner it get's very bad, but the view is much better! A very nice waterfall appears. We walk a little bit closer to the waterfall, but find the trail too bad and we decide to return. On the way back we follow the same trail as on the way in. After a short hike we're back at Skógafoss.

For long distance hikers this is the beginning of the trek to Landmannalaugar, a valley in the region of the volcano Hekla. The valley is know for it's rhyolite rocks.
From Skógafoss the trail to Þórsmörk en Stakkholtsgjá also starts. Both are much loved hiking area's.

The legend of Skógafoss tells that the first Viking, Þrasi Þórólfsson, that settled there hid a treasure behind the waterfall. A local boy found the treasure later, but could only grasp the ring on the side of chest before the treasure hid itself again. After that time nothing has been heard about the treasure. Only when the sunlight hits the waterfall in certain way, it is said you can see the gold.
Distance: 5.5km.
Height difference: 220 m.

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