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From Mývatn we drive towards Akureyri, the second largest city in Iceland. As the bird flies it's a distance of about 60 kilometers. Through a fairly barren landscape we drive on the 1 towards a beautiful waterfall. From the other side of the river the Goðafoss can be seen from far. Goðafoss is a waterfall measuring 30 meters wide and 12 meters tall. Literally Goðafoss means waterfall of the gods. And when the morning sun shines on it you understand why. The light reflects on the water which gives it a greenish color.

We drive on towards Laufás. This turf farm was inhabited by a priest until 1936. The restored farm is converted to a museum that gives a good impression of people used to live in Laufás.

We arrive in Akureyri and have a look around the city. The church of Akureyri has been built in the same style as the one in Reykjavík, only much smaller. Via nice stairs you arrive at the side of the church. The stairs in the front end up in the shopping street. Near the university of the city you can climb a hill that gives nice views over Akureyri. Firther sights include, the nun house, several museums and a botanical garden.

Because we spend the night in a holiday farm the region of Akureyri, we drop of our luggage before continuing towards the north. Via Dalvík and Olafsfjördur we drive through the valley of Lágheiði. A gravel road with terrific views over this valley. We continue our way to Siglufjörður. During our trip through Iceland we have seen several one lane bridges, but during this drive to Siglufjörður we encounter 2 single lane tunnels. Luckily there are a lot of wider spaces to let oncoming traffic pass. Siglufjörður is a village formed by the herring fishery. At the beginning of the 20th century this was the most important village for the herring fishery. the village grew fast to 3000 people. But when the schools of herring before the coast of Iceland disappeared Siglufjörður quickly declined. At the museum the rise, height and fall is depicted. The valley reminds us of the Alps.
Via Hofsós we drive back to Akureyri.

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