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By the small town of Reykjahlíð lies the big lake Mývatn. The literal meaning of Mývatn is midge lake. The whole year round the lake is surrounded by midges that live as larva in the water of the lake. Because of the large number of flies a lot of birds come here the whole year round. For birdwatchers this is the place to come to. There are 18 species of ducks alone around the lake.

The area around Mývatn is very volcanically active, which creates some special landscapes. There are a lot of long and short hiking possibilities in the area. You can take a hike on "new" lava at Krafla/Leirhnjúkur and at Dimmuborgir you can hike up and over old lava.
A hike at Dimmuborgir can be excellently combined with the crater hike up Hverfjall/Hverfell.
A hike on the mountain Vindbelgjarfjall will give you a great view over Mývatn and it's surroundings.
Also the colors of the solfatare and fumarole fields are worth a little walk. Only the smell is a bit of a downside.
The Pseudocraters at Skútustaðir should also not be missed on a vacation in Iceland.
Smaller, shorter hikes van be found at Kálfaströnd and Höfdi.
A beacon in the landscape is the table mountain Búrfell and cannot be missed.
The old natural thermal bath in a cave can be found under the name Grójtagjá. The caves are hard to find, but the entrance is close to the ground.

Visitors to Askja depart from Reykjahlíð to view this crater with a guide.
A little further from Mývatn is one of the best know waterfalls, the Dettifoss. This waterfall can be reached by a 20 kilometer gravel road.

Reykjahlíð and Skútustaðir are nice villages with a fuelling station and a shop.

If your legs are tired after long hiking, then you should go to the geothermal bath. A warm bath containing a lot of minerals. Relaxing and soaking up the surroundings of Mývatn! No better way to end your stay in the area of Mývatn.

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