Hverir solfatare field - Námafjall - Mývatn - Iceland

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The solfatare/fumarole field Hverir (Hverarond) is one of the largest of Iceland and is the easiest one to reach by car.
Solfatares are openings in the earth's crust trough which sulfurous vapors rise up.
When we get out of the car we almost get sick from the smell! We walk a small round in the area and first see a couple of piles of rocks. These are old boreholes that have been covered with rocks. A lot of hot steam comes from them and caution is advised.
The bubbling mud pots can be approached quite closely. It's fun to watch the grey mud in a hole surrounding by sulfur crystals.
There is a small hike around it. The trail goes up on the left side towards the Námaskarð pass and Námafjall. Afterwards the path returns to the highway and the parking area of Hverir on the other side of the mountain.
Take your time to walk around here for a bit. The different colors and crystals are a great sight. After a while the smell also becomes less unpleasant, because your nose gets used to it.

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