Höfn - Lónsöræfi - Öxi - Egilsstaðir - Iceland

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From Höfn we drive to Egilsstaðir. As the bird flies a distance of about 100 kilometers, but the distance by car is double. Because the distance we have to drive today is fairly long and there are little refueling possibilities, we gas up in Höfn. Afterwards we continue our way on the 1. At Lónsöræfi we drive into the valley a little bit. Lónsöræfi is a valley with many different colors of rock. If we had more time, we would have hiked here, but unfortunately that was not an option.
We drive towards Djúpivogur. A small fishing village, known for it's pyramid shaped mountain, Búlandstindur. From Djúpivogur you have a good view of the mountain, but further up the road there is a parking area with a great view.
We drive to the end of the fjord and head up the mountain pass. The Öxi is a well maintained mountain pass, sometimes with steep slopes (17%). The nature of this mountain pass should be very beautiful, but we have some snow and little views. We can see small sections of the plains, but there are no great views today. The road is completely gravel. From the Öxi you end up automatically on the 1 towards Egilsstaðir. Here we spend the night on the edge of the lake.

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