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Because we're staying longer in Mývatn we're heading up the Hverfjall crater first.
Early in the morning we park our car at the Dimmuborgir parking and start our hike. The first section we follow the red route towards the famous lava hole. At the crossing we take the trail towards Grótagjá. From the crossing we can see the lava hole and to our surprise we walk straight through it. From here you have a great view of the crater.
The trail is well marked, but it harder to walk than the first section. Especially the scrambling across the lava rocks makes it a bit less comfortable.
When the end of the Dimmuborgir area appears, the trail get's easier.
In the distance we see the trail up the crater, but once at the crater we have to go right about 80 meters to take the 'difficult' path to the top. The easier trail is on the other side of the crater. We not in the mood to walk more, so we take the difficult path to the top. Straight up the crater we head up. Halfway up we ask ourselves why we haven't taken the easy path. We decide to take the easy path down.
Once at the top the sun is shining with barely a cloud in sight. A great view of the valley, Mývatn, Krafla and Vindbelgjarfjall. We walk to the other side along the edge of the Hverfell crater and look at the graffiti. It's a shame some people always have to leave their name.
The easy trail is indeed easier. The ground is more solid and the descent not too steep. From the parking we only have to hike back to Dimmuborgir. At the bottom of the Hverfjall crater the flight come out to greet us. There's unbelievably many and we don't have a fly net. Nothing else to do but keep a steady pace. We take the same trail to get back to the crossing with the red trail. We want to walk an extra round through the lave fields and head towards Kirkja. Kirkja is a cave created by lava looking like a church entrance. From here we walk back to our car.



Dimmuborgir is a nature reserve near Mývatn. The rock formation were created by an eruption 3000 years ago. Because the underground of this lava rock was soft, the lava field collapsed. This is what makes the unusual rock formations of Dimmuborgir so special.
The exact translation of Dimmuborgir is dark forts.

Hverfjall of Hverfell

Because the Icelandic people can't agree on the correct spelling for this cone crater the names Hverfjall and Hverfell are both used.
Hverfjall is a cone crater created about 2500 years ago. Through a powerful explosion lava was ejected. This lava cooled quickly, creating ash and tephra. The crater has a diameter of about 1 kilometer and is 140 meters deep.

Distance: 11.2 km.
Height difference: 150 m.

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