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Today we drive from Akureyri to Hvammstangi, as the bird flies a distance of 130 kilometers. The most boring drive we had in Iceland. So we arrive early at our place for the night in the region of Hvammstangi. To see some nice things the rest of the day we drive up the road 711 towards the north. Before the lake Vesturhópsvar we turn right towards Borgarvirki. A large mass of basalt, 15 meters high with crumbled basalt rocks in the middle. It's not clear who built the wall on the east side. It is know it was inhabitted once. Remains of two houses and a well have been found.
On a dusty gravel road we drive on towards Hvítserkur. A bad road leads us towards the parking area a little bit below the main road. The trail leads us to a rock formation in the ocean, supposedly resembling a prehistoric animal. The Hvítserkur literally means white shirt, because of all the birdpoop on the rots. The legend has it that this rock used to be a troll, petrified during sunrise.
When we continue on the main road (711) we stop at Illugastaðir Stapar to watch the seals. The exit looks like a road towards a farm, but there is a parking area for tourists besides the farm. The farmer has constructed a trail and toilets to attract tourists. On the 900 meter long trail you walk along the breeding ducks. After the ducks have flown out with their chicks, the down is collected from the nests. And judging by the number of flags this farmer has a lot of ducks on his terrain.
At the end of the trail you arrive at the ocean and you see the seals lying on the rocks in the distance. We stay a while to have al ook and hoping that one will come a bit closer. But most of them are lying in the sun and will not move.
At more places along the coast you can stop to watch seals. These places are marked with signs with a seal on them.
A strange pointy rock can be found at Hamarsbúð. Not much information can be found, but it looks funny. Along a trail through the fields you can walk all the way to the beach.
This evening we have dinner in Hvammstangi.

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