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Between Europe and Greenland lies the island of Iceland. The capitol of Iceland is Reykjavík where a third of the population lives. The second city of Iceland is Akureyri with about 17000 inhabitants.
The total population of Iceland is 300.000.

The inhabitants of Iceland are very proud of the Icelandic language, which is hard to understand for tourists. In the language a number of characters are used unfamiliar to other Europeans. On Iceland you pay with Icelandic krönur. You can use the ATM in many places and the use of a credit card is possible anywhere.
Iceland lies on the boundary of the tectonic plates of North America and Eurasia. The consequence is that the landscape of Iceland is very special. For example at Þingvellir the space between the tectonic plates is clearly visible. These plates also cause Iceland to suffer from unstable volcanoes. The big advantage of a short distance to the magma chamber below Iceland is that energy can be won. Iceland is a leading country in using green energy by making use of power plants that pump heat from the ground.

During our tour around Iceland we stayed with the ring mostly. The only main road on Iceland has the number '1'. The secondary roads have two numbers and the less important roads have three numbers. The less maintained roads have an 'F' in front of the three numbers. The less important roads are hardly paved.

During our stay we saw a lot of Iceland's nature. There are countless waterfalls, mountains, different glaciers and uncountable shades of green. Of course we have visited the most famous attractions like Geysir, Gullfoss, Mývatn, and Þingvellir. But Iceland has so much more to offer for real nature lovers!

During our vacation on Iceland we used free MapSource topo maps for our Garmin GPS. You can download these from the link below. Before you install them, please check if they are suited for GPS model.
Iceland GPS MapSource topo maps

In the menu on the left you'll find all walks we made in Iceland and the regions we've visited. If you're planning a trip to Iceland and you have some questions, please send us an e-mail. We'll answer all your questions if we can.

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