Sfendoni cave near Zoniana - Crete - Greece

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The Sfendoni cave is one of the most beautiful stalactite or dripstone caves of Crete. We descend a little on a path towards the entrance of the cave. Together with a guide we enter the cave. Our eyes need to adjust to the darkness, but led lighting brings some light in the darkness. Because in white light moss will start growing on the rocks quite quickly, red, blue, green and purple led light is used in the Sfendoni cave. At the beginning of the tour we are asked not to touch the stalactites and stalagmites.

The rate of growth of the stalactites and stalagmites is about 1 cm/100 years. The cave consists of two sections. The first section is open for visitors and is divided into 8 rooms. The second section can be reached via a narrow entrance, but is closed for visitors. In the second section there is a closed ecosystem of living animals that live without light. Amongst others, bats, snails, snakes, scorpions and mice are living in this cave. The snails and snakes are only a few millimeters in size and completely white.
During the discovery of this cave a skeleton of a child from the Middle Ages was found. She probably got lost in the cave and died. The most forward section of the cave has been used throughout the centuries for storage and shelter. Artifacts and attributes from the Middle Ages have been found, but also from the Roman era. Because the cave isn't and historical site, all the artifacts have been transferred to the Heraklion Museum in Heraklion.

During a vacation in Crete this cave is absolutely certainly worth a visit.

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