Walk through the Sarakinas gorge - Crete - Greece

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The first gorge we walk through on Crete is the Sarakinas gorge, also called the Mithi gorge.
On a narrow road we arrive at the parking area for the walk (at a small dam). From here we follow the trail towards the gorge. Soon it becomes clear that the walking trail becomes a scrambling trail. Yellow arrows on the rocks point the way we have to follow. In scrambling sections footholds and handholds are cut out of the rocks so you can get a grip. Your backpack is sometimes hindering more than helping. But eventually we get to the end of the gorge. Because no arrows have been painted pointing the way back, and during the preparation we saw there is an unpaved road leading out of the gorge, we continue on the walking trail. We cross the empty riverbed and walk back to the tarmac road. Along the way we see some construction workers building a little bar for future tourists. Via the tarmac road we descend towards our car at the start of the Sarakinas gorge.
The Sarakinas gorge is a very nice gorge to walk/scramble through. The changes of regular hiking and more difficult section make this gorge very entertaining and diverse. High waterproof boot are recommended, it makes the walk a little bit easier. All in all the walk took us about an hour. The parking area was still being constructed, so with a little luck, you'll find a little bar there next year!

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