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From Mires we drive towards Zaros to visit the Rouvas gorge. Because it was already late in the day and we had already walked through the Agiofarago gorge, we only walked through the first section of the Rouvas gorge.
The Rouvas gorge is made up of two sections. The first section is a small, narrow gorge that can be reached quite easily by a walking trail. The second section can be reached by walking via the first section.
We park our car at the monastery of Agios Nikolaos. This monastery is currently being restored (2009).It's a bit of a search to find the entrance to the gorge, we can see the walking trail on the other side, but how to get there! In the square the walking trail is indicated with a sign 'Gorge'. Going between the houses we enter a forest where we find the trail to the gorge. The first section has a little climb, but nothing worth to mention. Afterwards the trail stays fairly level towards the first section of the Rouvas gorge. On a tree stump we enjoy the beauty of the little Rouvas gorge. We decide to climb up a bit further to get a better view. A good walking trail leads to another level section in the walk. We are greeted by goats grazing on the slopes. From this point you have a nice view of Crete. And naturally, Crete in May, there are beautiful and extraordinary flowers. Because of the time we do not continue towards the second section of the gorge, but descend and head back to the Agios Nikolaos monastery where our car is parked.
In the second section of the Rouvas gorge there is a church. From the first section it a small climb to reach the entrance.

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