The Nida Plateau and the Ideon Andron cave - Crete - Greece

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The Ideon Andron cave lies next to the Nida Plateau. A good tarmac road leads you there, providing you keep between the orange lines. We park our car at a big parking area with a taverna. From here we have a nice view of the Nida Plateau. We walk up on an unpaved road. A few hairpin turns quickly get us on the altitude of the cave. About halfway there is a little church, from where you have an even better view of the Nida Plateau.
Once we arrive at the Ideon Andron cave, construction workers are busy building a parking area, a wall and a taverna. Looks like they want more tourists here also. We walk towards the cave and se two rail tracks going towards the entrance. We walk down some stairs into the first large chamber. The rest of the chambers is closed because of excavations. The cave lies at about 1500 meters above sea level. During winter the cave is full of snow.
According to a myth Zeus was raised in the Ideon Andron cave with sheep herders of the Nida Plateau. According to this myth Zeus was born in the Dikti cave and brought to Ideon Andron by his mother.
Another myth on the other hand says Zeus was born and raised in this cave.
The cave is worth while to have a look, certainly keeping the myths in mind. The boards in the cave itself are not solid everywhere and there is not much to see in the cave itself. Most of the cave is not accessible to tourists. We didn't have to pay an entrance fee, but that might change in the future.

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