The Lasithi plateau and the Dikti cave - Crete - Greece

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Dikti cave

During a drive around the Lasithi plateau we stop at the Dikti cave (Dikteon Andron). We park in a large parking area which it turned out we have to pay for.
Via a walking path we head up to the cave where we buy a ticket. We descend down stairs into the cave. The further we go down, the darker it becomes.
According to the theogony of Hesiod, Rhea, the wive of Kronos hid in this cave to give birth to Zeus. Kronos had the habit of eating his children because he was afraid that his children would take over power. After the birth of Zeus he was taken to the Ideon Andron cave where he was raised and nurtured.
The cave is certainly worth a visit. Different stalactites and stalagmites make for beautiful and impressive impressions.

A word of caution. The stairs can be slippery and it's chilly inside the cave.

Lasithi plateau

The Lasithi plateau is known for it's windmills. We made the tour around the Lasithi plateau from Agios Nikolaos. From Agios Nikolaos to Malia to Mohos. From there you can go both ways. At the moment the Lasithi plateau is very touristic and there are tavernas all over the place. Lot's of tourists from the beach resorts rent a car and drive across this plateau. To get an impression of Crete it's fun to dirve around the Lasithi plateau. A stop at the caves and the old windmills is certainly recommended.

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