The Katharo plateau and Kritsa and Panagia i Kera - Crete - Greece

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Katharo plateau

From Agios Nikolaos we drive up towards the Katharo plateau. A plateau full of flowers which is not too touristic. We drive through Kritsa over a sometimes narrow little road.When the tarmac ends we drive on for a little bit and park our car near a small church. We look around us and see all the colours of the rainbow! A large diversity of flowers covers the Katharo plain. The Katharo plateau is much smaller than the Lasithi plateau, but certainly at least as beautiful! For who wants to go there, park your car at the church and just follow the trail for a bit. Towards the evening we drive back to Kritsa and return to Agios Nikolaos. The day after we will drive to Matala in the south of Crete.


On our way back we stop for a bit in Kritsa to have a look at the village. We park our car in a parking area which offers a view of the village and it's surroundings. We walk into the village, but the authentic village has been transformed into a tourist attraction. Lot's of shops with lace have little to do with the old village. Kritsa has a lot of churches by the way! We walked around the village and have looked at a couple of churches from the outside.

Panagia i Kera

On the way back towards Agios Nikolaos we stop at Panagia I Kera, one of the most beautiful churches of Crete. At the moment (2009) the church is being restored and is not open for visitors. The church is surrounded by cypresses and old olive trees. The Panagia I Kera was built in the 18th century and has thee navis. The southern nave is dedicated to the holy Anna. The middle nave is older, but was destroyed and rebuilt. The northern nave is dedicated to the holy Antonius.

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