Walking through the Agiofarago gorge - Crete - Greece

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From Matala we walk through the Agiofarago gorge. A fun, small and not too touristic gorge on the south coast of Crete. The Agiofarago gorge can also be encountered with the names Aghiofarango gorge, of Agiofarango gorge.
We drive a partly unpaved road to the parking area. Our walk to the gorge starts here. The walk is about 3 kilometers. The first section follows an unpaved road and after about a quarter of an hour we reach another parking area. We could have driven a bit further with our car. Ah well, you can't know everything in advance!
The walk through the gorge starts from this parking area. The gorge is fairly narrow, which provides some shade. Beautiful rock walls on both sides show us the way through the gorge. There is some sort of trail, but taking the wrong turn really isn't possible. Now and again we meet some other walkers, but there aren't many of them.
We see ropes hanging for rappelling down and anchors for climbers. Halfway we see a big Bob Marley flag. The old hippie generation is having a meeting opposite of the church. In the middle of the Agiofarago gorge there is a church with a drinking water well.
From here we walk to the end of the trail. The beach is a pebble beach where a couple of visitors are swimming and sunbathing. We find a place in the shade and enjoy the view. Afterwards we walk back through the Agiofarago gorge to the parking area, where more people have parked their cars in the meantime. Driving back we take another unpaved road, which takes us through the mountains and along the coast of Crete back to Matala.

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