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On a beautiful day we drive to Bonn for a long walk through the Siebengebirge in Germany. Over the German highways we soon arrive in Rhöndorf just under Bonn along the banks of the Rhine. We park the car in a parking lot on the Drachenfelsstrasse. We are ready for a long walk through the Siebengebirge.

We walk out of Rhöndorf and make a steep climb to Breiberg. Nature in the Siebengebirge is really beautiful. From the Breiberg we hike through the forest almost to the top of the Lowenburg. On the Lowenburg is a ruin of a castle, but because we have planned a long walk, we don’t walk all the way to the ruin. Along a beautiful open field we walk between Scheerkopf and Lohrberg in the direction of Itterbach. We walk just past the buildings of Itterbach and now have very nice views of the Siebengebirge in Germany.

From Itterbach we walk through a very steep path to the highest point of the hike to the top of the Grosser Ölberg. It's now lunch time, so we take opportunity to have a break. We enjoy beautiful views from the terrace of the Siebengebirge, Bonn and the Rhine. Also, the Eifel can be seen in good weather from the Grosser Ölberg. The homemade goulash soup is highly recommended. After a delicious lunch we walk further through the Siebengebirge. Through the beautiful forests of great trails we walk below the top of the Nonnenstormberg and further to the Petersburg. The impressive Schloss Drachenburg can already be seen from a distance. We have seen hardly any people during this walk but at Schloß Drachenburg it is very busy.

We leave the Schloß Drachenburg behind us and walk on towards Ofenkraut a large open field in the highly forested area of the Siebengebirge. During the last part of the walk towards Drachtenburg we beautiful views over the Rhine, Eifel, Bonn and the Siebengebirge. From Drachtenburg we descend back to Rhöndorf. This very nice walk we will not forget soon.

Along the walk there are several restaurants. So there is during the hike food and beverage available. Anyhow, make sure that you have some with you at all times. The trails are easy to walk. There are some really steep sections, but these are generally short parts uphill. The views during this walk through the Siebengebirge are incredibly beautiful, like nature you walk through.

Length: 21 km
Height: in total about 500 m

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