Walking the Wald-Wasser-Wolle-Wander-Weg - Radevormwald - North Rhine-Westphalia

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Early in the morning we leave in the direction of Radevormwald. It is situated in the province of North Rhine-Westphalia near Wuppertal and has about 23000 inhabitants. We have seen a very nice circular walk, the Wald-Wasser-Wolle-Wander-Weg (forest-water-wool-walking-route).

We park our car at the swimming pool of the typical village of Radevormwald. The official walking route goes through the forest to the water to the old textile industry. We decide to walk it the other way around and descend through Radevormwald to Uelfebad. We follow the "Ra" signs and walk through the forest to Grunewald. In Grunewald the old building from the textile industry become visible.
Most of the textile factories along the Wupper are abandoned and look kind of lost. One of the old factories in Grunewald is diverted in a museum which uncovers a bit of history.

We want to continue along the Wupper to Dahlhausen, but there is a detour for walkers. We continue at the other side of the Wupper on the Wuppertalstrasse to the next bridge. We cross the Wupper again en follow the original route again.
From this point we follow the road to Dahlhausen and rest at the old station. We leave the old textile industry behind al walk over the dam to the waterside of the reservoir. Through the forest we walk in the direction of Berg. In Berg we start climbing back to Radevormwald. The last part of the walk is through divers, nice, hilly forest. After arriving in Radevormwald we walk back to the parking to our car. We had a nice but tiring walk today.

The Wald-Wasser-Wolle-Wander-Weg is a very beautiful and divers walk of approximate 20 km. Due to the hilly landscape you will have a diversity of views and a variety of walking paths. The Wald-Wasser-Wolle-Wander-Weg comes across old textile industry but also along water and very lags parts through forest. The walk is very nice because of the variety of tarmac and forest paths.

Length: 21 km
Due to the hilly landscape little parts of climbing and descending are part of the walk.

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