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Size wise North Rhine-Westphalia is the fifth biggest province of Germany, but inhabitant wise it is the biggest. The capitol of North Rhine-Westphalia is Düsseldorf.
North Rhine-Westphalia is due to the Ruhr area mostly associated with big industrial building. But the biggest part of North Rhine-Westphalia is covered with forest. And several big rivers run along the hilly landscape of the province, including the Rhine, Ruhr, Eems and the Lippe. Because the landscape is so hilly multiple reservoirs are in the province witch provide energy for the industry.

In the east of North Rhine-Westphalia lies the Sauerland region, where Winterberg is the most well know city and ski area. Within the province of North Rhine-Westphalia is a big part of the Eifel. The Eifel is well known for its volcanic activity and beautiful nature.
In North Rhine-Westphalia are many marked cycling routes as well as marked walking routes. The walking routes follow the hilly landscape and cross typical German villages.

We have walked a very nice circular route in Radevormwald. You find the travelogue at the left side of the menu.

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