Walking near Oberfell - Traumpfad Bleidenberger Ausblicke - Mosel

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Early in the morning we leave home to go to the province Rheinland-Pfalz in Germany. The A1 is closed so we have to drive a different road to get to Oberfell. But at half past 9 we arrive at the school where we park our car. We put our walking boots on and go for a walk. We have planned to walk one of the Traumpfaden in the region of the Mosel. The Traumpfade tracks are very well marked and there are plenty of rest points during the route for a lunch or just for enjoying the view.

We start walking to the beginning of the walk en see the official parking area for this Bleiderberg walk. At the other side of the road is the official beginning of the walk. The first part goes steep uphill over a slate track. There goes the easy start of the walk. But as higher we climb the nicer the view over the Mosel gets. After a long climb we finally arrive at the flat part of the walk.

The walk goes variously through forest and over big open meadows. Due to the early spring some points of the walking path are still soggy and can be very slippery. Along the road we come across many watch towers build by the locals to spot wild. There must be a lot of wildlife according to the many watch towers.

We walk quite a while along al little stream called Alkener Bach in his carved valley. After a while we leave the stream to take the walking path towards Burg Thurant. The path is slowly uphill. We see a detour at Burg Thurant since the path we what to take is closed. We follow the detour and arrive at the same track as planned. De detour has a huge advantage. It has an amazing view over the Mosel. So we find a bench and enjoy the view for a while. But we have still a long way to go, so we descend to the town of Alken.

It is very strange, but the walking path takes us over the cemetery and almost through the church of Alken. At the other side of the road the path is going uphill again. Even in early April the walking path through the wine fields is very hot! Slowly enjoying every bit of shade we climb to the direction of Wallfahrtskirche Innenschiff. Thankfully there is a bench at the top with a view over Burg Thurant. The only way back to the car is downhill towards Oberfell. We arrive at our car en drive to our hotel. This was really a Traumpfade (dream path). The walking path was really well maintained and very divers.

Along the road there are little places to buy food or drinks. You will have to carry everything yourselves. Also good hiking boots with good profile are recommended.

Length: 13 km
Height difference: approximate 600 m uphill and downhill

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